Please assemble the elevator door after checking the plumb line and resolving the skewness.

Please make sure that door lock and plug contact fit completely.
Assemble the damper above the door wing.
Please make sure that steel ball in the door hinge is in its place. Please adjust finely by moving the door wing up and down with door hinge screw. Nail the nut with the screw.
Make sure that string pulls the elevator door that is on the plumb line by setting the string for a couple of rounds, fix the string with a hexagonal screw.
Fix the glasses with the glass compressors. Assemble the door frame segments by centering.
1- Door wing is made of 1.2mm-thick and A1 quality DKP metal plate.
2- Door hinge is made of 2 mm-thick and A1 quality DKP metal plate. In order to increase the door’s strength, it is fixed with reinforcement and door thickness is changed depending on the door size.
3- Frame and door handle is made of aluminum.
4- Surface cleaning is done by phospatization and it is covered with electrostatic powder coat and stoving method.
5- Locks and dampers whose compatibility is checked, are packed with the shlink machine to prevent dust and humid so that the door would not be oxidized.  

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